Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this project different?
There are millions of sources for health information on the World Wide Web. Most of them are “free”. They can be browsed at no cost to the consumer because they are sponsored–by advertising programs, which line the edges of so much of our information these days with tiny, distracting commercials; or directly, by supplement and pharmaceutical companies, health & lifestyle magazines, and so forth.

Leaving aside the fact that much of this information is infuriatingly shallow, the sponsorship factor leavens the integrity of the information.

We wanted to provide something different.  A source for trustworthy opinion on health and wellness issues, a place where we could address topics of interest to artists in particular.

Can I submit articles for Feeding the Muse?

At the moment, all content is written by Stephanie Draus. In the future, we might accept submissions for publication.

If you have a health question for us, you are welcome to submit questions for our “Ask the Doc” column.

How do you choose interview subjects for Feeding the Muse?

We are lucky enough to know a lot of different people who do a lot of interesting things! If you (or your client) would like to participate in a Feeding the Muse interview, please contact Stephanie.

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